[Quote] The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo

Baru saja aku selesai membaca sebuah buku karangan Kate DiCamillo. Buku ini ringan namun mengandung cerita dan pesan yang dalam dan bagus untuk disimak. Ada beberapa kutipan yang menurutku menarik dari hasil membaca buku ini. Dan karena aku membaca versi bahasa Inggrisnya, maka kutipan tersebut akan kutuliskan dalam bahasa tersebut. Jika kalian ingin membaca ulasannya, silakan klik link ini. Enjoy. :D

gambar diambil dari sini

“But answer me this: how can a story end happily if there is no love?” (Pellegrina – hal.35)

“I love you. I don’t care how old I get, I will always love you.” (Abilene – hal. 35)

“But then Edward remembered lying on the floor, the muck in his face, the stars so far away, and he said to himself, what difference does it make really? Wearing a dress won’t hurt me.” (hal. 62)

“He missed them terribly. He wanted to be with them. The rabbit wondered if that was love.” (hal. 74)

“you would like to be lost with us. I have found it much more agreeable to be lost in the company of others.” (Bull – hal. 79-80)

“How many times, Edward wondered, would he have to leave without getting the chance to say goodbye?” (hal. 93)

“What I say is, there’s a use for everything and everything has its use. That’s what I say.” (The Old Woman – hal. 95)

“I bet you didn’t think I’d come back. But there I am. I come to save you.” (Bryce – hal. 104)

“But when the last nail was out and he fell forward into Bryce’s arms, the rabbit felt a rush of relief, and the feeling of relief was followed by one of joy.” (hal. 104-105)

“What kind of adventures would you have if you were in the world for century?” (hal. 159)

“There is no point in going on if you feel that way. No point at all. You must be filled with expectancy. You must be awash in hope. You must wonder who will love you, whom you will love next.” (The Old Doll – hal. 159)

“If you have no intention of loving and being loved, then the whole journey is pointless.” (The Old Doll – hal. 160)

“Someone will come. Someone will come for you. But first you must open your heart.” (The Old Doll – hal. 164)

“Once, oh marvelous once, there was a rabbit who found his way home.” (hal. 170)


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